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Salwa Agha

Since I was a kid, I found out that I am a very active child and all what I did that time was attending basketball/ volleyball/ cycling and running activities. Later on, when I attended scgool and university, I was at the regular basketball team and won the golden medal.


After university I wanted to experience life at the gym and fell in love with Les Mills programs. I was a regular member who didn’t skip any day at the gym until I decided that was I’ve been looking for! Becoming a trainer and get to know more about it!

What helped me achieving my goal sin this field was being very close to the members and getting their trust such as listening to what they need until we become one family after all.

I become a group exercise instructor on March 2016. Classes were my mood changer and the place where I felt alive! The gym is where I found myself so it’s what I call now home.


  • Loosing Fats
  • Toning and Shape


  • CPR Course
  • Body Attack Instructor
  • Body Pump Instructor