About Mawasim Organic

Our aim is to bring you every hour of every day the best kind of organic products.

Mawasim Organic was established to provide the freshest and healthiest 100% organic produce across the UAE. It began with a firm commitment to placing effective quality management at the heart of Mawasim’s business strategy to build an enduring relationship with its customers.

Our Products

Mawasim Organic has a wide selection of fruits & vegetables, herbs, butchery items, cheese & dairy products as well as condiments that are exclusively available under Mawasim’s brand. Mawasim is aware of the health-conscious people including environmentally responsible customers, therefore Mawasim tends to import the best and finest products to suit everyone’s need, and to those who are conscious of good living habits.

Our Organic Markets

Our Organic Markets promote organic and local produce at Abu Dhabi’s Boutik Mall on Al Reem Island, every Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm, and Abu Dhabi’s World Trade Centre – The Mall, daily, from 1 pm to 9 pm.

Our Online Store

We have launched our online store www.mawasim.ae to ensure that our organic and local products reach the widest possible number of consumers.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a trusted leader in the fast-moving consumer goods market renowned for healthy and eco-friendly organic products.

Our mission is to promote a healthy sustainable lifestyle among all UAE citizens & residents through the consumption of premium-quality organic produce.

Our Promise

From Farm to Table
Mawasim understands that organic food isn’t just about better flavor and nutrition. It’s also about the freshness of its produce, therefore Mawasim assures preserving the quality of its produce from the moment they leave the farm until they reach your dining table.

Mawasim has rapidly grown into a trusted local Emirati brand, carrying locally grown organic produce, harvested at Al Rawafed Organic Agricultural farm. The farm is certified organic by Europe Organic Certification (ICEA), the Emirates Authority for Standardization, Metrology (ESMA), the HACCP Certification (Bureau Veritas) and Global G.A.P Certification.

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