English, Filipino


Annerick Suarez

Changing my career from being a dedicated nurse to becoming a goal-oriented personal trainer enabled my profession to meet my passion. The feeling of fulfillment when I take care of people; getting them better in a wholistic approach, helping them recover and even prevent future infirmities.


Having almost 8 years in fitness industry, I have developed a sense of providing not just exercise regime to thepeople but become an instrument to change someone else’s life. Through time, I have learned that a trainer is more than just giving out a great class, but helping them progress in any waypossible. May it be related to their goals, or an ability that their own selves would discover along their fitness journey with me. this is my lifelong call.


Having certified with numerous programs, I have buot a strong confidence on providing:

  • Functional Training
  • Kickboxing Training
  • Core Conditioning
  • Neuromuscular Strengthening Program


  • REPS UAE Level 3 Certified Personal Trainier (PTA Global, UK and ACE, USA)
  • TRX Level 2 Suspension Trainer (Group TRX, and TRX Force)
  • ViPR Functional Trainer
  • Basic Rehabilitation Programmer
  • Pre and Post Natal Trainer (Active IQ, UK)
  • Licensed Nurse